Cold Chain Solutions

Microsafe Express Kausar is a subsidiary and cold-chain arm of India’s logistics giant Microsafe Express Limited. It is the longest established cold-chain company in India, with 30 years of expertise in the cold-chain distribution business. Microsafe Express Kausar offers customized solutions for temperature sensitive shipments including consumer foods, pharmaceuticals, retail and agri-food sectors.

For past 10 years, Microsafe Express Kausar is a trusted name for end-to-end cold chain solutions. Microsafe Express Kausar’s innovative cold-chain transportation solution, strengthened by cutting-edge technology, and a vast fleet of 200+ refrigerated vehicles equipped with advanced climate-control systems ensure that perishable products are delivered in a fresh, healthy and potent state to retailers and end consumers.

Microsafe Express Kausar provides full truck load services for long haul transportation of bulk and volumetric shipments. These services are provided pan-India, from manufacturing unit to distribution centres or cold storage facilities based on the load factor (sizes of vehicles)

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