Founder & CEO's Message

CEO MR. Ajay Kumar Sharma

While deriving value from supply chain remains the prime concern of businesses, environment compliance is also assuming significance in the context of global concern about depleting resources.

Microsafe’s corporate initiatives have contributed to tangible and intangible value additions to its network of stakeholders. People have been our assets and prime movers in our journey towards service excellence and we would like to honour and return what we have received from them. More than corporate citizenship, Microsafe’s CSR initiatives are a natural extension to its core ideology – reaching out towards society as it will to any of its stakeholders.

Microsafe’s contributions to Tsunami victims and people affected in earthquakes, is a voluntary act of caring to mitigate grief and assuage the living. Its contribution to education, training and assistance to small industries is aimed at strengthening the society by empowering the weaker segments with education, funding and technical assistance. Microsafe partnered with the Andhra Pradesh Government in its’Go Green’ tree plantation drive, where one million saplings were planted in a single day. In Delhi, Microsafe has been maintaining a 2.5km green belt under the Metro track to offset CO2 emissions.

  • Microsafe was an idea ahead of its time when it came into being in 1990. Though the initial years were a struggle, Microsafe has always tried to stay one step ahead by innovating and transforming its processes, refining service offerings, redefining customer standards internally and externally and using technology to drive up customer satisfaction.
  • Our passion to stay ahead has driven us to explore network synergies and identify possible areas for collaboration and co-operation with B2B customers and partners. Microsafe’s progress in the areas of technology and automation is a response to changes in manufacturing systems, inventory management and supply chain practices across the world. We have implemented best practices to stay ahead and retain our advantage as market leader in reach and service delivery.
  • Our commitment to customers has remained unwavering throughout these 36 years. When we first printed the delivery date on the docket ahead of our peers, we made a promise. Our efforts, achievements, awards, technological advances & business development can be best described in one sentence. We are trying to keep the promise we made to our customers every day.
  • Microsafe has always nurtured the entrepreneurial spirit in people whether they are Microsafe associates or others who are connected with Microsafe directly and indirectly.

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