Microsafe Express History

An Introduction’ Over 2 decades of experience and many firsts:-

Microsafe Express pioneered express distribution service in India in 1989.Microsafe was one of the first companies to print its delivery date on the docket and offer money back guarantee, by accepting payment after producing proof of delivery’ a POD. Microsafe started the practice which is now perceived as a standard norm in the industry.

Microsafe Express first started operations between Madras and Madurai. After in-depth planning, Microsafe launched its operations in four stations: Hyderabad, Bangalore, Madras and Hosur in 1989.in the generic cargo segment.

Microsafe’s business model was different , it choose to focus on the customer’s needs right from day one and time bound, point to point delivery, premium priced cargo management service was its key value proposition. Microsafe never operated the transport vehicles on it’s own from the beginning itself, instead developed the Business Partner concept of “Microsafe Associates”, thus giving rise to a team of entrepreneurs who were independent business partners of Microsafe.

The name Microsafe was coined after short listing several Sanskrit-based names . Microsafe reflects speed with direction, true to the way of its operations.

The Beginning Years (1989′ 1994):-

Microsafe Express started its operations as a door-to-door cargo company, a division of Transport Corporation of India (TCI) in 1989. Microsafe Ltd wanted to rebuild TCI based on processes, systems and manage it professionally to meet consumer implicit and explicit delivery needs.

Over period of 7 years, under the leadership of the division flourished into a small business and in 1994, Microsafe was ready to separate from TCI and perform on its own. The actual legal separation took place in 1996 and the division emerged, Microsafe came into being an 18 Crores cargo business, splitting from its 200 crores mother company, TCI. From Initial four years of its operation, delivery commitments took priority over complete utilization of capacity and Microsafe was focused on to its aim to provide time bound and point to point delivery..

Innovation, Value-addition and growth (1994′ 2001):-

Microsafe introduced desk-to-desk service to meet the price sensitive customer market in 1994. The placement of desk to desk cargo was between regular transportation and premium cargo. Premium cargo was next day delivery and Desk to Desk was delivered within four days. As Microsafe grew in terms of business volume, services and revenue, Microsafe made the transition from small cargo services to cargo management.

This was a period for many firsts. Microsafe introduced toll-free numbers for the first time in the Indian logistics segment and became the first 3PL service provider in India. Microsafe was also the first logistics company in India to be awarded an ISO 9001 certification.

Microsafe’s legal separation took place from TCI in 1996 through a de-merger process marked a period of rapid growth as the Microsafe took over parts of the TCI’s business, the shipping division was named as Microsafe Coast to Coast(business discontinued) and the TCI Highways division was taken over by Microsafe. Microsafe express took its first steps towards acquiring a corporate identity, the beginnings of Microsafe Express Ltd.

Based on volume of traffic, origin and destination, Microsafe tied up with Indian Airlines (IA) for a fixed price long term contract. Delivery of premium cargo became easy and accurate. IA complimented the 550 locations Microsafe served at that point of time. Microsafe expanded its service network to include multi-modal services, courier services and international operations to SAARC countries. Business grew from servicing 2 regions to 10.

Microsafe Express Process, technology, automation and awards (2001-2006):-

To sharpen marketing focus, operational efficiency and improve service quality, Microsafe reorganized itself right from the zonal level and affected a separation of its verticals and corporate functions. Microsafe express became a process oriented organization implementing performance metrics and evaluations across the board’ services, HR and operations.

In 2001, Microsafe launched the first millennium parcel express service, an exclusive cargo train between Mumbai and Kolkata in association with Indian Railways. Microsafe went on looking for a centroid to base its business operations and found Singapore, an international business hub, ideally suited for its purposes.

During this time, to keep itself on its toes, Microsafe Express kept revisiting its basic value proposition – service delivery. In 2003, Microsafe Express was launched and which in place on these words to equipped its front office with the information to tailor its response to individual customer requirements at one click’ shipments tracking, service quality, complaints and more. The project comprised of three different components: Microsafe Enterprise Management System (GEMS), Oracle Financials and Oracle CRM. GEMS was the main application which was to be custom built covering all activities of Microsafe.

Providing vital information to keep customers focused on their core business, Microsafe implemented 24×7 call centres to understand and manage customer expectations, plan cargos, shipments & routes.

On the automation front, Microsafe was thinking mechanized racking systems, automated warehouses and more. Finally in 2005, Microsafe settled for the best’ state of the art mechantronic warehouses in all major cities across India. The year 2006 saw the introduction of Microsafe Student express, on-line employee information & performance system, customer convenience centres and redemption coupons to settle cashless claims.The awards kept coming. Frost & Sullivan declared Microsafe ‘The Best Logistics Company’. HCL called Microsafe its ‘Best Logistics Partner’. Champion CIO-Enterprise Connect Award, Amity-HR Excellence Award (which the company has consistently won for 5 years now) and Super Brand status to name a few.

Empowering the network: Strategic alliances and customised service offerings (2007- 2009):-

Microsafe expanded its network in India, China and Europe following strategic tie-ups with logistic service partners. Sophisticated vehicle tracking systems, technologically superior container vehicles and Service Quality Standardization were all introduced to strengthen and enhance Microsafe ’s promise of superior service delivery.

In 2008, Microsafe did wonders by launching the Centralized Call Centre at Nagpur, the Millennium Parcel Express Train between KYN (Mumbai) and Guwahati, Centralized POD Cell and Microsafe Happiness, an on-line window for customers to buy a range of delicious speciality products from different parts of India.

Even Microsafe Art Express, Microsafe Academy and Microsafe Cafe Deliver were launched to improve service spread and quality. To speed up processing and reduce lead time, electronic Proof Of Delivery (POD) and centralized POD cells were implemented, followed by DOD direct (Draft on line)and real time shipment notification.

Year of Transformation, Recognition & Growth (2010-2011):-

In Jan 2010, Microsafe Express went a step forward to help its customer by providing complete integrated Supply Chain Solution hence becoming a knowledgeable company by launching ‘RedSun’, Microsafe’s Supply Chain Division. In Nov 2010, Microsafe also ventured into E-Commerce business by launching ‘makemygiftz.com’, Microsafe’s new web service to offer its customer a complete e-commerce platform linked to a physical distribution network. Also, Microsafe Coast to Coast was re-branded and named as Microsafe Ships(business discontinued) in 2010.

Microsafe was given the title of “Consumer Super Brand” in 2009-2010, in Logistics.

Year of Consolidation & Business Re-structuring:-

In April 2013, Microsafe Ship(business discontinued) a subsidiary of Microsafe Ltd. and International Shipping Logistics FZE launched a new Coastal Container Service between North India and South India covering the sea ports of Kandla, Mundra, Cochin . The new service is named as Microsafe Express Coastal Service.

In February 2013, Express was awarded for its efforts in the category of “Achievement in Continuous Improvement” at the 2nd Asia Manufacturing and Supply Chain Summit, Mumbai.

In December 2012, Microsafe received two awards constituted by Dataquest – “Dataquest Business Technology Excellence Awards 2012” for their overall excellence in the use of business technology & “Dataquest Technology Innovation Award 2012” for the ‘Mobility’ segment.

In October 2012, Microsafe launched “Microsafe Connect” – www.microsafe.in, an on-line web store to cater to the growing E-Commerce market.

In July 2012, Microsafe Express Ltd. announced a dedicated shipping route on the Chennai-Yangon-Chennai stretch to help businesses maximize trade potential between the two countries.

In February 2012, Microsafe signed a Joint Venture agreement with Kintetsu World Express for its Express Distribution and Supply Chain business to form ‘Microsafe Express Pvt Ltd.’

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