Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

I. Definitions:

Microsafe Express: Microsafe Express, Inc. is hereinafter alluded to as ME. ME as referenced hereinafter will incorporate, however isn't restricted to the accompanying administrations: electrical (a/k/a TSE/Trade Show Electrical), fixing, material taking care of, establishment and destroy, and coordinations given by MICROSAFE EXPRESS work force to exhibitor compliant with any buy of Services. Specialists: MICROSAFE EXPRESS' operators, sub-contractual workers, bearers, and the operators of every; Customer: Exhibitor or other gathering asking for Services from MICROSAFE EXPRESS; Goods: Exhibits, property, and products of any kind for which MICROSAFE EXPRESS is asked for to perform Services; Carrier: Motor transporter, van line, air transporter, or air or surface cargo forwarder; Shipper: Party who tenders Goods to Carrier for transportation; Cold Storage: Holding of Goods in an atmosphere controlled region; Consignee: Party to whom merchandise are dispatched; ICCTA: Part B 49 U.S.C. Segments 13101 – 14914, of the ICC Termination Act of 1995; HAZMAT: Those articles, products or potentially merchandise characterized as dangerous in 49 CFR Parts s171-177. Administrations: Warehousing, transportation, drayage, and additionally related administrations.

II. Extension:

These Terms and Conditions will tie upon Customer, MICROSAFE EXPRESS, and their separate Agents, delegates, Shipper and Consignee, including however not restricted to Customer contracted work, for example, Customer Appointed Contractors and Installation and Dismantle Companies, and some other gathering with an enthusiasm for the Goods. Each will have the advantage of and be bound by all arrangements expressed thus, including yet not constrained as far as possible and restrictions of obligation.

III. Client Obligations:

a. Installment for Services. Client, Shipper, and Consignee will be mutually at risk for every unpaid charge for administrations performed by MICROSAFE EXPRESS or Agents. Client approves MICROSAFE EXPRESS to charge its Mastercard specifically for administrations rendered for Customer's benefit after flight by submitting a request on-line, by means of fax, telephone or through a work arrange nearby.

b. Appropriate Description. Client is committed to reveal to MICROSAFE EXPRESS and Carrier if Customer's bundles contain things that are viewed as Hazardous Materials or Dangerous Goods. Client has the commitment to guarantee that each bundle is legitimately and totally depicted, is appropriately stamped and tended to, and is bundled sufficiently to ensure the substance amid transportation. Client must give all documentation to HAZMAT delivering as required by the Department of Transportation. Client thus consents to furnish MICROSAFE EXPRESS and Carrier with exact data to consider every single legitimate revelation to be made on Customer's shipment. Client oversees all placarding.

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