Warehousing Solutions

India’s warehousing requirement, 919 million sq.ft. in 2014 and estimated to be 1,439 million sq.ft. in 2019, is expected to grow at an annual average rate of 9%, according to Knight Frank. In fact, the Indian warehousing industry was valued at 745 billion in 2013 and was growing at 15% for 3 consecutive years. The rising demand of warehousing can be attributed to a blend of maturing industry segments, rising external trade, rising domestic consumption, increasing private and foreign investments in infrastructure and emergence of organized retail.

Microsafe Express-, India’s pioneer in express distribution and supply chain solutions, offers complete supply chain solutions comprising core logistical activities and value-added services such as freight forwarding, customs clearance, inventory management, import/export management, packaging and labeling, distribution, assembly/installation, after sales support and reverse logistics among other services. Microsafe Express- has also been providing TCL services to industries pertaining to agriculture, dairy and meat that represent the leading segments in the TCL sector. Microsafe Express- offers both temperature controlled transportation and temperature controlled warehousing services to these sectors.

Microsafe Express- provides customized, state-of-the-art warehousing services for the industry segment along with offering industry-specific advantages like reduced costs, lesser time and enhanced product availability. Add to that, the creation of multi-level warehousing solutions like inventory optimization, risk management and contingencies strategies, sales and operations planning, demand repository and POS data adoption. This is of particular significance in industries dealing in products like fresh agricultural produce, seafood, frozen food, photographic film, chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs and electronic items. Microsafe Express- also offers value-added services like packaging, labeling, bar coding and reverse logistics for its valued customers. Microsafe Express- offers holistic logistics solutions, in terms of hub to hub goods movement, packing and warehousing, IT, last mile delivery and reverse/return pickups. Microsafe Express- reaches more than 99% districts, 5,120 direct pin codes and 15,400 special pin codes, 3 e-fulfillment centres and 61 warehouses across India.

Re-engineering Services

Processes, Technology and Solutions.

Microsafe Express- is an integrated solution provider that empowers clientele with rigorous analytics for result oriented process improvements and to efficiently adapt to demanding business climate. Microsafe Express- solutions are designed to reduce operating costs, support measures to drive revenue growth, and enhance organization value. Our re-engineering solutions identify the price value relationship of products offered through cost reductions and service improvements leading to customer value retention and penetration.

Some of our offerings under re-engineering services include:

  • Cost control/reduction in logistic spend
  • IT utilization throughout the supply chain
  • Improving customer service processes – BPO & returns management
  • Cycle time reduction from order to cash
  • Strategic alliances with suppliers/customers
  • Network optimization
  • Expanding distribution
  • Quality improvement through efficient logistics
  • External logistics measurement
  • Logistics support for global expansion

Managed Services

In today’s environment, business models must be geared to achieve, strong, differentiated value propositions critical for growth and profitability, sense and respond rapidly to marketplace changes, Conceptualize cost structures and business processes in a flexible manner to maintain productivity and mitigate risk. All three of which are imperatives for success, which Microsafe Express Managed Services does so seamlessly.

Microsafe Express- combines multiple logistics functions into a customized service package based on customer requirements by engaging multiple distribution & supply chain services. Its capabilities range in Automotive Spares for VOR solutions, Specialty retail for time to shelf management & e-Commerce for customer buying experience in order to cash cycle.

Microsafe Express- Managed Services encompasses services in procure; make, move, store, sell & return components of supply chain management.

Value Added Services

Value Added Distribution

Value – Added Distribution is tailor made to align with customer requirements through the distribution value chain to integrate into an efficient end-to-end supply chain. Microsafe Express experience and expertise in management capabilities propels the logistical support into a competitive advantage for sustained growth.

Management & Analytic Services

  • Supplier Acquisition
  • Central Call Center
  • Freight Payment
  • Claims Management
  • Carrier Sourcing Support
  • Network Analysis & Consolidation
  • Supplier /Carrier scorecards
  • Freight Payment Analytics
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Management & Operational Reporting

IT Solutions

Microsafe Express- and its WMS alliance partner EBizNet, collaborate to provide best in class Web based IT infrastructure creating a robust synergy between technology usage and operational expertise.

BPO: As part of our BPO operations, Microsafe Express- provides the following services:

  • Vendor PO tracking
  • Shipment tracking
  • Help desk for Supply Chain support – vendors / stores / CSAs
  • Analytics Support
  • Performance Management Dashboard – KPI tracking
  • Site comparison to bring in efficiencies

Currently, Microsafe Express- offers BPO services as part of the Pan-India consolidation point solution for DC and Cash & Carry Store.

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